5 and under, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & up

Categories & Time Limits


1 dancer
3.00 min


2-3 dancers
3.15 min


4 dancers
3.30 min

Small Groups

5-8 dancers
3.30 min

Large Groups

9-14 dancers
3.45 min


15-20 dancers
4.00 min

Extended Lines

21 + dancers
4.30 min


10.00 min


Petite: 5 & under, Mini: 6 - 8, Junior: 9 – 11,

Intermediate: 12 - 14, Senior: 15 - 17, Adult: 18 and up.


Novice Solo

A dancer who’s first time competing in a solo dance ‘the inaugural year’. The dancer may have previously competed in groups and lines.

Novice Duet/Trio

All dancers must be novice and never have competed in a Duet/Trio. May have competed in a group or line.

Novice Group/Lines/Productions

At least 75% of dancers must be novice.

Part-Time Solo

A dancer that trains for less than 6 hours per week. A novice dancer may compete in the part time division.

Part-Time Duet/Trio

All dancers that are trained less than 6 hours per week.

Part-Time Group/Lines/Productions

At least 75% of dancers must be part time dancers and train 6 hours or less per week.

Full-Time Solo

A dancer who trains for more than 6 hours per week and has previously competed in a solo.

Full-Time Duet/Trio

All dancers must train for at least 6 hours per week and have previously competed. A novice dancer may compete.

Full-Time Group/Lines/Productions

At least 75% of dancers should be trained for more than 6 hours per week.

Performance Styles


An acrobatic dance should contain 75% acrobatics movements (tricks) such as: walkovers, balances, splits, and aerials. No flying apparatuses are permitted.

Ballet Demi Pointe

This routine must consist of 100% classical ballet technique and must be performed to classical music. Pointe Shoes are not permitted.


A routine that interprets the music using current and latest styles of choreography through jazz, modern, and ballet technique. Acrobatics discouraged but not prohibited.


A Contortion dance must contain 75% or more of contortion movements: for example: hair pins, birds’ nests and standing splits. It may not contain any tumbling such as back handsprings and tucks. May contain standing aerials.

Demi - Character

Demi Character should tell a story through a character that uses classical technique as a basis for interpretation. Small props may be used.


A hip hop dance is performed to urban music and primarily street style.


Jazz must consist mostly of modern jazz technique. Leaps, kicks, turns and combinations of free movement. Music should be up-tempo, or it may fall under the contemporary category. Acrobatics discouraged but not prohibited.


A routine that interprets the music through ballet, jazz and modern technique, and expresses emotion. Acrobatics discouraged but not prohibited.

Musical Theatre

A routine that combines dance movements with acting, comedy and stage skills. Lip syncing can be incorporated.


A routine that does not fulfill the criteria of the defined dance disciplines or is a combination of two or more dance disciplines. Tumbling & acrobatics are permitted.


This routine must consist primarily of classical and Modern ballet technique and performed in Pointe Shoes.

Song & Dance

A routine that combines 50% vocals and 50% dance movement. Routine must be performed without the use of lead background vocals and may use a microphone.


Tap should display rhythmical variations by incorporating tap technique with free styling. Syncopated rhythms and variations. Prerecorded tap sounds are not permitted.

General Rules & Regulations

Valuable Information for Parents:

1. Photography, and videotaping, is prohibited.

2. DRC/Video Judge will be servicing the events.

3. Dancers must be ready to perform at least 60 minutes before their scheduled time.

4. Parents are not permitted back stage.

5. Dancers may not compete in the same category twice.

6. Disqualification will result if there is evidence of explicit music, swearing, and inappropriate movements.

7. If a dancer forgets her or his dance, the dancer will be permitted to perform again, The Audience vote will be the only vote allowed. Dancers may still qualify in our Rivalry.

8. Parents are not permitted to approach the judges.

9. The Audience Dance Rivalry is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

10. Parents and teachers are responsible for the safety and supervision of their students/ children. Dancers should not be left “unattended” or dropped off without an adult accompaniment.

11. Each parent/participant must sign a liability waiver.

12. Vandalism to any property will result in disqualification.

13. No food or drinks are permitted in the theatre.

14. All judge’s decisions are final.

15. No refund on fees.

16. In the event of injury and a dancer is incapable of competing, a doctor’s note must be submitted to our office at least 1 week prior to the scheduled event. Any refunds that may be issued will be at the sole discretion of the director of The Audience Dance Rivalry.

17. The Audience Dance Rivalry has the right to make last minute changes to the schedule/event due to unforeseen circumstances.

18. The Audience Dance Rivalry has the right to add/subtract days or cancel a competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

19. The Audience Dance Rivalry has the right to adjust the amount on cash awards, depending on the amount of entries at each location.

20. Parents, family members, and friends are welcome to participate in our Rivalry Category and cast their vote via their smartphones.

2021 Updated Policies

Entry Deadline
Full payment is due 30 days prior to the event.

2020 Covid-19 Credits
Credits from our 2020 season will never expire and may be used for any event.

Refund Policy
Our refund policy remains a nonrefundable event. Payment deadline has been pushed back for any future uncertainty.

Health and Safety Measures
Masks for all Crew and Staff
Studio Session Blocks
Hand Sanitizing Stations
Contactless Awards Ceremonies
Social Distancing Signage Backstage
Live Streamed
Limited Audience


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